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Life Sciences & Healthcare

Life sciences and healthcare services continue to create new opportunities and challenges in the IT sector.

Life Sciences

Life sciences companies focus on developing and bringing to market new products that can have monumental impacts on society while at the same time they face a long process overcoming R&D and regulatory hurdles. But, the reward can result in a profitable and long-lasting product life cycle. These companies face challenges because their historic high gross margins are under pressure due to increasing competition and cuts in Medicare. After a history of being product focused, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are discovering a critical need for operational efficiency.

Metabyte helps drug manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to implement ePedigree and Track & Trace solutions to meet their need for secure supply chains. Pharmaceutical ePedigree is a significant portion of our practice as we help companies prepare to meet the Jan 1, 2011 deadline of the California Board of Pharmacy.

Metabyte's Life Sciences practice also serves healthcare payer/provider organizations. Specifically, our CRM expertise helps organizations maximize their business by managing their elusive customer. It is often difficult for these companies to recognize who the real customer is - the doctor, the patient, the group purchasing organization (GPO), the hospital, the pharmacy or the government. Our team includes an advisory board comprising of medical doctors, hospital administrators and executives of biotech firms. We offer a range of solutions and services:

  • ePedigree
  • CRM
  • Marketing operations
  • Regulatory procedures
  • Deployment
  • Supply chain management
  • Product devaluation/obsolescence

Healthcare services are still largely underscored by financial pressures and customer dissatisfaction. The ability to manage information (i.e., medical records, billing/insurance, administration, regulatory data, patient and doctor data) is critical to delivering effective and flexible patient care while meeting bottom line objectives.

Our Healthcare practice leverages our well respected Life Sciences team and advisory board. We serve payer and provider organizations and help them with operational efficiency in the following areas:

  • Back office integration
  • Application development
  • CRM
  • Data warehousing, HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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