Track & Trace

In the complex, and often convoluted, supply chains of the global economy, products can pass through several wholesalers and distributors before making it to their final destination.

Metabyte helps ensure that at the final point of sale, companies have the product they think they have.

Track & Trace (T&T) is the process of recording the past and present whereabouts of a shipment as it passes through different handlers on its way to its destination through a distribution network.

T&T is a significant step forward for the healthcare and food distribution chains as it offers a new solution to long-standing issues such as product authentication, inventory reporting, recalls and returns management.

Business Drivers for Track and Trace:

Promote Consumer Safety

  • Enable prescription drug pedigree
  • Facilitate product recalls
  • Manage expired products withdrawal

Build Brand Equity

  • Increase brand market share
  • Protect brand reputation

Strengthen Supply Chain Security

  • Reduce counterfeit risks
  • Stem theft losses
  • Control distribution costs

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Streamline reverse logistics
  • Improve inventory management
  • Boost supply chain visibility
  • Cut operational costs

Comply With Legislative Requirements

  • Comply with state pedigree regulations
  • Sustain revenue Stream
  • Reduce Legal Liability

Our Services:

  • EDI or XML Mapping Services – Mapping needed for the transformation tools to transform file formats from backend applications to/from Track & Trace or ePedigree solutions
  • ERP and middleware integration services
  • Application and custom development
  • Project management
  • Application maintenance and operations services
  • Serialization consulting services - How to integrate with serialization vendors, serialization barcode printing, aggregation, product transfers and movement in the supply chain
  • Consulting for serialization of items, bundles, cases, pallets with a supporting vendor
  • Regulatory and subject matter expertise for the serialization requirements, ex: providing GS1 standards consulting, State and Country regulations
  • Compliance audits for ePedigree
  • Conceptual training on ePedigree and Track & Trace implementations
  • Installation and implementation of serialization hardware

Our Expertise

  • A leading provider of technology services in multiple ecosystems including manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers
  • Proven track record of implementing EDI and supply chain solutions
  • Experience in 3PL Track & Trace implementation capabilities in the logistics business
  • Experience in implementing and providing packaged analytic application, dedicated communications with SOX-compliant logging and auditing, HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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