FREE IBM Guardium with QRadar Webinar
Join our FREE IBM Guardium training on May 24, 2017
8:00AM - 9:00AM PST for Managers
9:10AM - 10:00AM PST for Engineers


Metabyte’s Security Group is pleased to present an overview of IBM’s Guardium Database Security Activity Management Control, Monitoring and Compliance Solution
This overview is divided into two sessions:
Session One: is Focused for Senior Business Managers
Session Two: is Focused for Database Admin and Engineers.

The IBM Guardium Database Activity Monitoring, Control and Reporting real-time security solution provides organizations with very granular database security platform. This robust database security solution can perform the following functions:

  • IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Databases
  • IBM Security Guardium Express Data Protection for Databases
  • IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Files
  • IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment
  • IBM Security Guardium Data Activity Monitor to include Big Data
  • IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption,
  • IBM Security Guardium Ofuscation and Data Redation
This in-depth FREE training is provided by
Metabyte’s Security Architect,
with expertise in IBM’s QRadar, XGS, BigFix,
Guardium and Resilient.
This training will be conducted for both Managers and Engineers as a 2 part training on Wednesday, May 24th 2017.
8:00AM - 9:00AM PST for Managers
9:10AM - 10:00AM PST for Engineers
Did You Know...
According to 2016 Ponemon report, the average consolidated cost of a data breach is now over $4 million, with the average cost of $158 for each lost or stolen record that contained sensitive and confidential information.
According to a 2016 Mandiant M-Trends report, the median number of days that attackers were present on a victim’s network before being discovered was 146.
Training for Managers - Part 1
In the first hour, our security architect will present the strategic uses and justifications for the deployment of a Database Access Control solution as Guardium and will cover:
  • What strategic business pain points will Guardium provide for most any organization
  • Learn the high-level architecture and capabilities of the Guardium system
  • Learn how Guardium integrates with the overall security monitoring and compliance needs of an organization
  • Learn the high-level overview of the Guardium portal and how it can save money and time for an organization.
  • Learn how Guardium can integrate with SIEM solutions and deliver very targeted compliance reports such as PCI, SOX, GLBA, BASELII, etc.
  • Learn how Guardium can provide very granular controls for access to critical Intellectual property that organization store within database system
Training for Architects - Part 2

In the second hour, our security architect will delve deep into the more technical and tactical security controls that the Guardium solution can provide for an organization. The objective of this block of teaching is to provide Database Administrators, Database Infrastructure Engineers and Database Business Analysis personnel with the following most critical controls and monitoring the Guardium solutions and provide:

  • Learn what the overall deployment architectures that can be configured with the Guardium system
  • Learn how to Investigate and perform Forensics on the alerts generated and securely stored within the Guardium proprietary encrypted appliance
  • Learn how to find, filter, and group events to gain critical insights about specific or collective offense(s)
  • Learn how to create and edit a search that monitors the events of suspicious hosts
  • Learn how to identify custom rules in the Guardium console, assign actions and responses to these rules, and how to configure current or new rules
  • Learn how to navigate and customize the dashboard tab
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