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Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

How do you convert information into knowledge? How do you organize information about your enterprise and make it available to support decision-making or day-to-day operations?

The short answer is, “Call Metabyte.” With the ability to efficiently manage all your data, we can help you find the information you need for better decision making and informed future planning.

EIM manages information at the enterprise level by bypassing the standard IT barriers. Metabyte’s EIM solution combines enterprise content management (ECM) with business intelligence (BI), integrating these two attributes to manage information from a strategic perspective.

With EIM,  decision makers can access both structured data and unstructured content—based on their authorization levels—in their daily activities.

A brief description of the pieces that form Metabyte’s EIM solutions:

Enterprise architecture (EA) makes strategic information actionable through the creation, communication and improvement of key principles, models and requirements that anticipate the future status of the enterprise.

Enterprise modeling is the description, definition and representation of the structure, information, resources and processes of a business. Integration is achieved through process, resource and data modeling.

Data warehousing is the process of creating a relational database designed mainly for query and analysis instead of transaction processing. While a data warehouse contains all historical data obtained from records of transactions, it also includes data from several other sources. Data warehousing helps an organization consolidate data from different sources.

Business intelligence (BI) is the ability of an organization to assemble its digital assets and convert them into business knowledge. BI is the process of communicating the right information to the right person through the right channel at the right time.

Master data management (MDM) is a set of tools and processes for defining and managing master data or non-transactional data consistently. MDM provides processes for collecting, matching, aggregating, consolidating, assessing and distributing master data throughout the organization.

ETL in EIM stands for extract, transform and load. ETL is a database usage process, applicable in data warehousing when data is extracted from outside sources. Actionable data is extracted from outside sources, transformed to suit operational needs, and loaded into end targets like a database or data warehouse.

Informatica Corporation is one of the major providers of enterprise data integration software that we use for B2B data exchanges, complex event processing, application information lifecycle management, data quality, data masking, data replication, master data management, enterprise data integration and data virtualization.

Metabyte’s EIM solutions help you capture, automate and analyze all available information. We convert all structured data and unstructured content into knowledge, creating highly effective information workers and dynamic information systems. We provide several unique advantages through our enterprise information management solutions, such as

• Exceptional scalable development methodologies

• Standardized forms automation processes

• Specialized business process integration and automation

• Other reusable service assets for reduction of risks and costs

• Speed time related to value

Metabyte’s EIM solutions help businesses transform their processes and improve outcomes through the development of smart and cost-effective solutions. Our solutions replace all types of forms with eForms, which streamline the capture of data and content, resulting in the accrual of the following benefits:

• Rapid automation of internal and customer-facing forms-based processes

• Improvement in business transactions

• Higher employee productivity

• Reduction in business transaction cycle time

• Better end user experiences

Metabyte also offers individual case management tools that do not rely on manual inputs. We make it easy for authorized individuals to obtain the latest information and monitor progress.

Our EIM case management tools enable you to capture a comprehensive view of all complex cases, enhance the efficiency of policy administration and claims, streamline business operations, and improve all core processes related to customers.

In most large global organizations, the volume of available data is so large that decision makers can never really analyze it properly. They are overwhelmed with structured data from applications and databases, along with unstructured data from emails, office documents, business documents and other sources of content. Metabyte helps you gather all critical data, and understand and interpret it. We provide analytic EIM support for analyzing trends, activities and behaviors.

With our EIM support, organizations are able to identify subtle patterns, achieve compliance of business goals, anticipate opportunities, diminish threats, and act at the points of highest impact.

Today’s businesses must constantly monitor their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Metabyte makes SWOT analysis easy with our enterprise information management solutions. We help organizations move to specific business architectures that support agility and business efficiency.

Metabyte believes that EIM is the core element of your IT architecture, and our EIM solutions facilitate human capital management on a global basis., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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