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Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) and Collaboration

Your company probably has a significant amount of equity invested in its legacy applications. So while you must modernize and adopt new technologies to stay competitive, you still need to consolidate and integrate the different applications you use internally to run your operations, and externally to collaborate with your business partners.

We understand. And we can do something about it: Metabyte helps you continue using your existing legacy applications and databases while adding or migrating to new applications that enable you to grow your market share or take advantage of new e-commerce capabilities of the Internet, mobile platforms, and other new technologies.

Our approach involves getting a total view of your operations, seeing how existing applications fit into the new scheme of things, and repurposing what already exists in ways that seamlessly integrate new applications and data.

Our Solutions to EAI Challenges

Most businesses use different—and often incompatible—IT infrastructure systems for various departments. Metabyte likes to go the extra mile, so we deal with such challenges by studying every aspect of your enterprise, selecting the right tools and automating data conversions. If necessary, we even go to the extent of printing the data from one system and manually entering it into another.

We study the individual systems and enterprise applications that exist within your organization before we start offering our applications integration and collaboration solutions. We evaluate critical criteria such as flexibility and maintainability, use tested message brokering software like IBM’s Message Queuing Series Integrator (MQSI) of IBM, and other EAI tools like Tibco middleware and screen wrappers.

We are realistic enough to know that EAI cannot be achieved by any single application. So we use all the necessary tools required for your specific needs to achieve seamless enterprise applications integration and collaboration.

Technologies we use

Metabyte manages Enterprise Applications Integration and Collaboration through the use of technologies such as SOA, B2B, EDI, Axway, Sterling/IBM, Tibco, Seebeyond and Serialization.

• SOA: Service Oriented Architecture is a set of methodologies for the design and development of software. The software is presented as an interoperable service with clearly defined business functionalities built as specific software components for reuse in various applications. SAO defines the integration of widely disparate applications for web-based environments, and operates on multiple platforms.

• B2B: Business-to-business denotes transactions between commercial entities, such as between manufacturers and wholesalers or wholesalers and retailers. Nearly all supply chains contain several B2B transactions that involve raw materials and other components, with only a single B2C transaction, the sale of the finished product to the consumer.

• EDI: Electronic data interchange is structured data transmission between organizations through electronic means. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has defined EDI as computer-to-computer interchange of documents with strictly formatted messages, but excludes monetary instruments.

• Axway : A business interaction networks company offering B2B integration, business operations monitoring, managed file transfer, email and identity security, plus process management, Axway offers solutions on customer premises or in the cloud.

• Sterling/IBM: Connectivity and software integration services became a major part of Sterling/IBM after IBM acquired Sterling Commerce, an organization specializing in B2B integration, multi-channel selling and fulfillment, and secure file transfer.

• TIBCO: The core competence of TIBCO is legacy asset integration, abstraction of the complexity of diverse application platforms, and bus-based architecture. TIBCO offers solutions for service-oriented architecture (SOA), business process management, business optimization and the cloud.

• SeeBeyond: After its acquisition by Sun Microsystems, SeeBeyond’s main product—Integrated Composite Application Network Suite (ICAN)—was rechristened the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite. SeeBeyond Technology Corporation specializes in business and system integration.

• Serialization: The conversion process of data structure or object into storable format for later resurrection in the same or a different computer environment, serialization is something Metabyte has learned a great deal about., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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