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Enterprise Applications Development

What works best for the enterprise—off-the-shelf applications or customized applications? Corporations are as unique as individuals, so it’s no surprise that a significant percentage of enterprise applications deployed in Fortune 500 companies are proprietary, made-to-order solutions.

Metabyte has earned a stellar reputation for developing, maintaining and supporting custom enterprise applications. We even update, maintain and support applications we haven’t developed, and that our clients have developed internally.

Developing and maintaining a custom application can be a time-consuming distraction for an enterprise. It’s a perfect task for a nimble software developer like Metabyte. Our development methodology and an accomplished global team let us develop reams of elegant code tightly and efficiently. It’s something we have been doing since 1993.

We sit down with clients to understand their business needs, technologies, internal processes and applications, and deliver robust new applications or update and maintain existing ones.

Our service offerings include:

Development services
Maintenance services
Consulting services

We begin by performing scalability assessments and portfolio analysis, and outline a sourcing strategy. Then we build simplified cross-referenced models that document application features and map business processes to application portfolios.

Our breadth of expertise includes Microsoft technologies, J2EE, Java, Open Source Technologies, mainframes, databases, languages and enterprise applications.

Enterprise applications often support thousands of users simultaneously, so these applications must be rock-solid and scalable.

Web Applications:

Today, most large-scale business operations have web applications and networks as an integral part of their internal and customer outreach processes. And Metabyte has acquired a great deal of experience in web development for the enterprise. That experience helps us thrive in the most demanding web environments. In fact, we are often called upon to enhance the graphic user interface (GUI) of an existing web application or to web-enable an application for secure online access.

Standard GUI:

Whenever possible, we develop our applications on standard graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and not on closed or proprietary ones.


Enterprise application maintenance is a job in itself, and Metabyte does this in a planned and structured way, ensuring better continuity of business operations, improved reliability and enhanced performance. Our economies of scale allow substantial reductions in the cost of maintenance. And since we have access to the latest technologies, we can offer state-of-the-art maintenance with up-to-the-minute upgrades.


Java is a favored EAD platform and more than 6.5 million developers have used Java until now. Java is present in a wide range of computers, networks, and devices. Java is ideal for network computing due to its platform portability, efficiency, versatility, and security aspects and features. With Java, it is easy to write software on any platform—and then have it run on any other platform. Metabyte uses Java to develop server side applications, and to combine applications or services for creating customized applications.


J2EE—also known as Enterprise Edition, Java EE or Java Platform—provides API and runtime environments to develop and run enterprise software solutions and services. J2EE is also used to develop secure and massively scalable, multi-tiered network applications. The strength of J2EE lies in its API for object-relational mapping, fault-tolerance, web services, and multi-tier and distributed architectures. The J2EE platform features design based on modular components that run on application servers. J2EE invariably uses XML for configurations and the development is generally in Java programming language.


This Microsoft-developed software framework runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems, or about 90 percent of the computers worldwide. The .Net framework contains a large library and offers language interoperability across various programming languages, meaning that it’s possible for each language to use code written in any other language. Programs written for .Net execute in a software environment known as common language runtime (CLR), an application virtual machine capable of providing highly critical services like memory management, exception handling, and security. The .Net base library offers data access, user interface, database connectivity, numeric algorithms, web application development, network communications and cryptography. And yes, Metabyte is proficient in all of them.

Open Source Technologies

It takes an organization with a deep programming bench to be able to handle open source programming languages like PHP, Perl, Ruby and Python, server software like Apache, Drupal, WordPress and TYPO3, and open source operating systems like Android, Linux, Haiku and FreeBSD. Metabyte is one such organization. In fact, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PhP) is a popular environment at Metabyte, and our service is based on it., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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