Siebel Competency Center - Analytics

Siebel Analytics integrates data from multiple enterprise sources and transforms it into key insights that enable businesses to make decisions that lead to dramatic improvements in business performance. Metabyte's Siebel Competency Center grew from our expertise in data warehousing, ETL, business intelligence and analytics. Our competency center has developed best practices for customizing Siebel Analytics and Siebel CRM.

Our Capabilities

Metabyte's team has extensive experience in Seibel Analytics tools, security (report and data level) and user interface design. We have a thorough technical understanding of Siebel CRM process flows and how they relate to data warehousing, data management and analytic architectures.

We bring proven Siebel OLTP, SRMW, and repository upgrade experience to a project. We specialize in advanced techniques such as performance tuning, setting up disconnected analytics, embedding analytic applications in an EIP (Enterprise Information Portal) and integrating Siebel Analytics into an existing data warehouse.

Readiness Assessment

In order for Siebel Analytics to generate the expected return, a two-fold challenge must be addressed at the outset. First, organizations should assess their reporting needs and refine them according to the capabilities of Siebel Answers. Second, organizations must analyze the available data sources and narrow down the relevant ones.

Metabyte's Readiness Assessment is a fixed-price service that helps clients kick-off their Siebel Analytics initiatives on the right foot. We offer a four week Analytics Readiness Workshop. Our expert consultants evaluate client's analytic requirements, study process and data readiness, and identify the variance from pre-built Siebel Analytics functionality.

Upon completion of the workshop, Metabyte delivers a written summary of the findings that includes:

  • Deployment roadmap with time and cost base line
  • Projected Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Prioritization of client requirements from an ROI standpoint
  • Assessment of current and proposed reports
  • Activity sequence diagram
  • Relevant best practices for a Siebel Analytics implementation
We utilize our Informatica, E.piphany, Teradata, and Oracle experience to integrate Siebel Analytics with data from legacy systems.

A Growing Team

Metabyte continues to build and expand its Siebel Analytics team by investing in cross-training of professionals that have in-depth experience in data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. Our approach enables us to grow while ensuring that all members of our Siebel Analytics team are prepared to handle real world complexities. Each member of our Siebel Competency Center has proven experience in:

  • Ensuring that customizations made in a Siebel package propagate to the data warehouse, the analytics repository, and are accurately reflected in the reports
  • Configuration of standalone Siebel Analytics
  • Merging of Siebel and non-Siebel data, HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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