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Introducing IBM Sterling File Gateway

Automated & Improved File Transfers
Stop Wasting Time with Manual File Transfers.
SFG offers a scaleable architecture and a centralized file gateway with the capabilities necessary to monitor, administer, route and transform high volumes of inbound and outbound files.
Fast Acclimation of New Partners
How easy are you to do business with?
This question makes or breaks your ability to do business with partners. SFG offers a self-service portal, event notifications, and industry standard protocols on both ends. Never say no to an on-boarding request ever again.
Security-rich File Transfers
When handling sensitive files, security is key.
SFG secures both your inflight and at rest files with PGP, SSL/TLS, or S/MIME encryption, as well as utilizing event logging to provide a complete audit trail of file transfer activities.

Integrate file transfer capabilities with your other system management applications
IBM® Sterling File Gateway consolidates disparate centers of file transfer activity and facilitates the security-rich exchange of file-based data over the Internet. It helps companies avoid the risk and operational issues that can result from using loosely controlled file-transfer servers.

Sterling File Gateway features include:
Improved management of file transfer activity with increased visibility and self-service features for better decision making and faster response times.
Automated file transfer processes to optimize efficiency.
Fast acclimation of new file transfer partners for easier management.
Security-rich file transfers with data encryption and event logging.

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